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Open Water

“Open Water” is the debut novel by British-Ghanian Writer and Photographer Caleb Azumah Nelson. It’s a love story between two unnamed artist, one a photographer, the other a dancer. The story follows the captivating time that these two spend falling in love, from meeting at a party, introduced by his friend to best friendship and eventually more. Both living in a place where they struggle to feel “home”, they find home with each other. The story touches on the effects personal traumas can have on relationships. Some traumas rooted in being black, male, and seen as a threat while being seen as nothing at all.

Over all I liked this book. It’s written with a poetic style flow to it which was enjoyable. The main characters were easy to like and the growth of their relationship was really relatable with quite a few moments that made me think about the time that I was falling for my husband which is always sweet. This is also the first story that I've read with two unnamed MC's, which is interesting. It does pull you into the story telling which i can definitely appreciate.


At times the pacing for the story was a little slow and I did have to double back and read certain parts over again because i would randomly zoning out but on the flip side, there were parts I reread because it just that beautifully written.

Now is this one that I’d recommend? I’d say yes. It’s a short read with just enough to make you keep reading but be prepared for a few slow paced moments. If you’re looking for a story with a lot of spice, this isn’t that. But if you’re looking for a almost poetic love story between two black artist with an interesting writing style you might actually enjoy this one!


**Short story, short review.🤷🏽‍♀️ But here's my favorite quote from this one...**

“How strange a life you and other Black people lead, forever seen and unseen, forever heard and silenced. And how strange a life it is to have to carve out small freedoms, to have to tell yourself that you can breathe. But how beautiful it is when those freedoms arrive, when you are breathing…”

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