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Monthly Favs Part 1

Hey, just a heads up!

You can buy any of these books from your favorite local bookstore but if you do buy from Amazon click any photo below to go to my Amazon shop! It'll help support my site and my book habit!

Now here's a recap of my favorite reads by month so far!


Instructions for Dancing

This was one of my first book purchases of the year and my first read of the year.

I picked it up at B&N because I thought the cover was really cute and it was an author signed copy. (I’m a sucker for black girls with braids on book covers and i won’t apologize for that.) I really enjoyed this book. It was a sweet way to start my reading journey this year. This book is a YA title but what it lacked in spice it more than made up for in sweet moments, relatable characters and an all around well put together story line. I would definitely read this again.


Seven Days in June

Look… Tia Williams absolutely did what needed to be done with Seven Days In June. I admit that at the beginning of this book I was wondering where it was going. The whole fan club brunch situation had me a little concerned but this book beyond lived up to the hype for me. Eva and Shane were complex characters that were easy to love. The spice was spicing and Eva’s daughter, Audre?! That girl was my favorite character. Hilarious, smart and a young black female entrepreneur in the making. I STAN! I finished this book and wanted more. More of Eva and Shane, More of Audre, just more of all of it! Seven Days in June is definitely a contender for my top read of the year.


Children of Blood and Bone

The series that I didn’t know I needed. I was so wrapped up in this story. I ended up with a physical copy of the book, the audiobook and the ebook and binge read it as often as I could. I was so enamored by this story, these characters, this entire world that Tomi Adeyemi was created. The imagery in the story telling and the authors ability to make you feel the many emotions that each character went through in this series is like magic. This is the first series that I’ve read in a while that had me unable to put it down. The last being Harry Potter which says a lot because I am a diehard HP fan. I feel like the first book of this series was absolutely phenomenal and I am looking forward to seeing what they’re able to do with the movie!


Yellow Wife

April was such a hard month to narrow down. April gave me all things Elizabeth Acevedo, it gave Tiffany Jackson, it introduced Bolu Babalola and the very good Feeding the Soul by Tabitha Brown. I was also introduced to EPIC stories like Legendborn, the Eos Key and the Firekeeper's Daughter. Bottomline, April was full of 5 star heavy hitters. However, The one I had to pick for my #1 of the month made me cry over and over again. Yellow Wife by Sadeqa Johnson is literary art at it’s finest. It’s a historical fiction novel inspired by one women’s story of survival in the south during slavery. This book made me feel so many emotions and I’m not kidding when I say it made me cry on more than one occasion. There’s so many layers to the story and it created such a complicated mix of emotions that I forgot that it was fiction. I was so impressed by this authors storytelling, the very obvious and thorough research that was done and the ability to write a story about such a heavy topic with so much respect towards those who had to make similar impossible decisions, like the main character Pheby, in real life. I’m already looking forward to Sadeqa Johnson’s next book. I already know it will be spectacular.


Nothing Burns As Bright As You

May was an interesting month. It followed a month full of 5 star reads and I landed in a kind of reading slump. I was reading and listening to different titles but none of them really wowed me like the month before. I stumbled upon a couple books towards the end of the month that breathed new life into me, which brings me to my top pick for May. Nothing Burns As Bright As you by Ashley Woodfolk was an unexpected surprise. I saw it in store and I’m glad I did. I really enjoyed this story. This story gave complicated friendships, first loves, and all the complications that come with lines blurring between friends.


You Made A Food Of Death With Your Beauty

June was a hard month to choose from but when it comes to my favorite, the mess won. I had to go with You Made A Fool of Death With Your Beauty because, baby, I was entertained from page one. Feyi was a mess in the most entertaining way but mess aside I really understood Feyi’s decisions and why she made some of the choices she made. Feyi was a character who was trying to figure out life after an impossible loss and heartbreak and I felt for her and I was here for her living her life on her terms. She was figuring out what she wanted her life to look like moving forward and who she wanted to be apart of that. She made a few messes on her way and honestly it’s not all figured out by the end but she was authentic, honest and unapologetically her throughout. This story is really well done, every character served a purpose and there was genuine representation throughout the story which I definitely appreciate.

Honorable mentions…

Blackout - This book wasn’t even fair to include in my ranking because this one book features 5 authors that were already favorites therefore the bias wouldn’t be fair but this book was so good.

Will - I knew Will Smith’s memoir would be amazing from the first few seconds of the audiobook. His book and the audiobook are absolutely fantastic. Highly recommend!

Finding Me - Viola Davis is a queen. That Is All.