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Ok, Let’s talk about Legendborn. This book is amazing! Character development, the plot, all the twist and turns, everything is absolutely on point! I’m amazed at the writing, the layered characters. EVERYTHING!

I never really cared for the stories about King Arthur and the round table. I know them well enough. Most recently was reminded of it while rewatching Once Upon A Time and I admit, it wasn't my favorite storyline. However, I was absolutely blown away by what this author does with it. She took it and made it into something that I never could have thought of in a million years.

I'll start with Bree. Bree is a great MC. She is strong, intelligent and so easy to love. The bond between her and her father, I absolutely love. I was blown away by her mother's side of the family though. I wasn't ready for everything they gave. One of my favorite characters throughout is actually Alice. I was wondering, at first, how long Bree’s relationship with Alice would actually last but as the story goes on I fell in love with their friendship. If my best friend isn’t willing to go hard for me like Alice, I don’t even want you around. She’s a real one.


Really though, she's that friend that shows up for you even when you might not be showing up for yourself and I think that's something that we could all use.

After Alice, I actually have to go with Sel. Another character that I was unsure about at first but the layers to him had me intrigued. He’s the right amount of character you love and character who annoys the crap out of you. All of his issues with Nick aside, he knows his stuff and has his back regardless. I can’t not mention William. Look. I could honestly keep going. All these characters are so well written that I can see them clear as day in my mind. It’s amazing!

Honestly, the only thing that I didn’t like about this book is the fact that it ended. It leaves you wanting more. This isn’t the longest review despite it being a longer book but it’s so hard to summarize everything that this book did, and did so well when it comes to the story lines, the characters and the on edge feeling that your left feeling for the last several chapters of the book. If you haven’t read this, you definitely should and if you’re looking for a genre switch up this would be an amazing start for you.

I don’t want to wait to see what happens with all my new favorites but I will… mainly because I don’t have a choice but just know that the countdown for Bloodmarked (Book 2) has begun.


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